Bow killer from Norway: first he shot arrows, then he stabbed his victims

Because his victims were “only” injured by the bow and arrow, the Norway killer took a stabbing weapon!

Five days after the gruesome blood attack in Kongsberg, the police have new information about what happened. At first it was assumed that the five fatalities were killed with a bow and arrow. But according to the latest investigations, she killed the assassin Espen Andersen Bråthen (37) with two stabbing weapons!

Assassin Espen Andersen Bråthen (37) is said to have converted to Islam before the actPhoto: / AP

The victims were both at home and on the street when Bråthen were them attacked. In his attacks, the perpetrator “at some point threw away or lost a bow and arrow,” said police inspector Per Thomas Omholt. His victims including a 52-year-old German, he then stabbed with a “sharp object”. The investigations are still in an early phase.

In the small town in southern Norway, Espen Andersen Bråthen killed five people and injured three others on October 13. For the time being, everything indicates that all victims were selected at random, said Omholt. He left open what kind of stabbing weapon it was in order not to influence witnesses.

Map: Terrorist in Norway murders five people

It is still the most likely hypothesis that the offender’s motive can be traced back to a mental illness, said Omholt. Around 60 witnesses have now been questioned, and a total of around 140 people have been spoken to.


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