Bovenschulte in BILD – So the state has to boost vaccine production

Bremen – Corona, the vaccine and demands from Bremen to the federal government. Part 2 of the interview with Mayor Andreas Bovenschulte (55, SPD).

BILD: Mr. Bovenschulte, you hit the table in mid-December. “I had hoped for more,” they said about the vaccine deliveries.

Bovenschulte: “We are sending our society into a lockdown that costs around 5 billion euros per week. One can ask whether everything has really been done to ramp up vaccine production. And then I wasn’t the only one. After all, the discussion has resulted in things going faster now. “

BILD: It’s still not fast enough!

Bovenschulte: “That’s true. We have to get faster. It must be clear that by summer at the latest we made a vaccination offer to anyone who wanted it. It is an enormous challenge. And I think we should formalize this as a resolution at the next Prime Minister’s Conference. We as the federal and state governments have to say: That is our goal, that is what we direct all our efforts and we will be judged by it. We have to be through before summer is over. Otherwise the third wave will come. “

BILD: Federal Health Minister Spahn wants all nursing home residents to be vaccinated by the end of January.

Bovenschulte: “In December we had a good 70 percent of the deaths in old people’s and nursing homes in Bremen. This shows how important it is to protect this group. My health senator tells me that we will be through with the second vaccination by mid-February. If at all possible even faster. “

BILD: So far, only the fair distribution of the vaccine has worked. Everyone in Europe has equally little and is left on dry land. In the United States, Joe Biden orders factories to produce the vaccine. Also imaginable with us?

Bovenschulte: “The fact that a new vaccine production facility will soon go into operation in Marburg is a good signal. And more must and will come, not against the economy, but with it. We all have a common goal: We want to vaccinate people quickly and not just manage the shortage. But we just have to have enough vaccine for that. “

BILD: What if companies shy away from the risk of being left with production facilities or expenses later?

Bovenschulte: “You know: In the event of economic damage running into billions per week, the state should relieve these companies of the risk. It shouldn’t sound wasteful or aloof, but a billion more or less is really not the main problem right now. If the economy produces vaccine quickly now, it will ultimately save money and lives. But the state should also tell companies: ‘If an investment doesn’t pay off in the end, we won’t leave you alone.’ The main thing is that we get as much vaccine as possible as quickly as possible. “

BILD: For Bremen, the real challenge only begins when there is enough vaccine. How do you ensure that vaccinations are given quickly?

Bovenschulte: “We have a very modern vaccination center and an unprecedented alliance of the Senate, aid organizations and the private sector. The Zech Group, the Chamber of Commerce, Johanniter, Dehoga, the DRK, the German Armed Forces and many others have joined forces in the ‘Bremen vaccinated’ initiative. Everyone contributes what they do best. In the end we want to achieve a vaccination capacity of up to 10,000 doses per day. “


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