Bottrop: Two years after the accident – penalty order for balloon breaker pilot

Bottrop – Two years after a spectacular balloon accident in Bottrop, pilot Peter H. (74) was given a mild sentence.

On September 30, 2018, the balloon with five passengers got stuck in a high-voltage pylon – at a height of 65 meters, next to cables with 380,000 volts! The 823 kilo air vehicle had only started 14 minutes earlier in Mülheim.

The pilot apparently wanted to let the balloon rise higher 30 meters before the obstacle. “A gust of wind caused an envelope deformation that led to the balloon sinking,” says the report by the Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigations.

Peter H. could no longer prevent the impact. Rescuers from the fire department arrived – after five hours they had freed all passengers. Some went into shock.

The police were therefore investigating negligent bodily harm. A corresponding penalty order (40 daily sentences on probation) has now become final, confirmed Anette Milk (60), press spokeswoman for the public prosecutor’s office.

In addition, it came out: The flight should not have taken place at all: Because anyone who performs commercial balloon flights must not be older than 70 years.


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