Bottrop: Mother (46) in custody: 6-year-old girl found dead in the apartment

Incredible case in Bottrop: A mother is said to have murdered her six-year-old daughter!

The dead child was discovered on Friday in the 46-year-old’s apartment, police and prosecutors announced on Monday. The woman tried to kill herself and suffered serious injuries, but her life is not in danger.

The child died from stab wounds. The 46-year-old was initially treated in a hospital, while in the meantime the suspicion against her has been confirmed. On Saturday, the responsible magistrate in Essen issued an arrest warrant for murder against the woman and sent her into custody.

A homicide commission took up the investigation. The responsible public prosecutor in Essen did not want to provide any information on the motive for the crime. The authorities were also silent on family backgrounds and any previous history, with reference to the ongoing investigations.

Several objects were secured, which are now being examined to determine whether the murder weapon is among them. Police officers wanted to check the apartment after a tip on Friday morning and came across the dead child and his seriously injured mother.


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