Bookstores will benefit from “considerably reduced” postal rates, Bachelot announces

Asked to close because they are still not considered essential businesses, bookstores will nevertheless benefit from a (small) boost, with postal rates “Considerably reduced” for shipments of books ordered, announced Monday, November 2, the Minister of Culture, Roselyne Bachelot. “I got, we got, that the postal rates of booksellers are considerably reduced”, presented the minister on LCI.

“We will divide (these postage rates) at least by three or four, […] it will depend on the shipments, because if you buy ten books or one, they are not the same rates. “

“Don’t buy books on digital platforms”, she then insisted, throwing later in the interview: “Yes, Amazon is gorging, it’s up to us not to stuff it”.

Toothpaste yes, makeup no: what are the “non-essential” departments that will close in supermarkets?

Recalling that there is in France a “Single price of the book” thanks “To Jack Lang”, she said again: “There is no advantage to buying on a digital platform”. Roselyne Bachelot encourages readers to obtain books from bookstores through the “Click and collect” (order remotely and come and collect the book on site) or by mail.

“I saw my loved ones die”

The minister also assured that “Sales by click and collect or by sending by post will not be counted towards touching the aid (of the government), it is of the integral bonus ”. “These prices will apply to the sale of records, CDs and sheet music, I am very attached to them”, she added.

Save the booksellers, Mr. President!

Asked about the decision to reconfigure, Roselyne Bachelot confided that her wish, in absolute terms, as Minister of Culture, was “That the entire cultural sector remains open; because it’s not just bookstores. Theaters, concert halls, libraries, etc. are also closed. “. “But this is not about arbitration”, she added.

“I am a mother, a grandmother, a reasonable woman, I see the epidemic flare up, I have seen my relatives die in intensive care; that day, we have this sense of responsibility. “

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