Blown up in Florida! Two wrong “grannies” during the corona vaccination

Washington – Open the hood, get your vaccination! In order to get a corona vaccination, these two young women even dressed up. But in the end they looked pretty old …

The unbelievable story: Two younger women pretended to be seniors and wanted to get the vaccinations in the US state of Florida. Health official Raul Pino portrayed the episode at a press conference on Thursday to make it clear that Orange County has no shortage of people willing to vaccinate. “We even have people pretending to be old in order to get vaccinated,” said Pino.

On Wednesday two women were noticed in the vaccination center who disguised themselves as “grannies” with hoods, gloves and glasses and – with valid vaccination cards from the health authorities – wanted to get their vaccination doses.

Incredible: Once the scam was already successful! It was only found on the second attempt! “I don’t know how they got away the first time,” said Pino.

US media released videos of police officers’ body cameras confronting the women and denouncing their “selfishness”. “You’ve lost someone’s vaccination who needs it more than you,” one grumbled. The women do not have to fear criminal consequences, reported the “New York Times”. But they were not re-vaccinated.


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