Blind midfielder in a normal team

AmericaJasen Bracy has been blind since the age of 7 but did not let that handicap ruin his dream of playing rugby.

Jasen, of Modesto, California, was diagnosed with retinal cancer at the age of one. By the age of 7, the boy could only distinguish day and night.

When Jasen’s father learned that his son was blind, he regretted that he would not be able to play sports. However, the father comforted himself fortunately that the disease did not take the boy. “I’m grateful to still be able to talk and laugh with him. I can watch sports with him by telling him what’s going on during the game,” the father said.

Jasen Bracy joins the ball game. Photo: CNN

The football games “watched” by his father’s comments raised Jasen’s passion to become a player.

The 15-year-old boy said: “I have never used being blind as an excuse not to do something. Life has no limits. If there are obstacles, I will find a way to overcome and achieve my goals. in the best way”.

Jasen was given an iPhone when he was 13 years old. He hid his parents from calling all the football teams in the area asking if they could give him a chance.

The boy’s father, Jasen Bracy, was surprised when he received a call from Modesto Raiders coach Nichols asking if his son wanted to play on their team and if he was blind.

Blind midfielder in a normal team

“The first time I met, I was a bit skeptical about what to do. But in contact, I know this kid can do anything,” said the team coach.

Even though it was his first time on the field, Jasen still mastered the necessary technique. The boy knows the gameplay, the position every player needs to be on the field. Father Jasen stood on the sidelines, telling the story through a walkie-talkie so that I could visualize it.

“He knows his position, where to serve, where the other players are and knows how to score,” coach Nichols said. In September, he also scored, helping the home team win.

“I’m a midfielder, one of the midfield’s jobs is to lead the team. As a leader, I have to control, lead them no matter the situation. I’m as hard as iron and play hard,” the boy said. proud, said.

Jasen doesn’t talk about his disability to his opponents. He also confirmed to his teammates, the only difference between himself and other midfielders is only the shirt number.

Rugby isn’t the only sport Jasen can play. The boy can swim, play golf, baseball, and wrestle.

“Just looking at him, you know there’s nothing we can’t do. Jasen’s arrival changed the players’ outlook on life. He’s made the season, even for us. didn’t win. The team chemistry was the best I’ve ever had,” coach Nichols, said.

The boy is grateful when his family, coach and teammates support him in making his dreams come true. “I especially thank the coach for giving me the opportunity to demonstrate what can be done on the pitch,” said Jasen.

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