Blacksmith Hoppen has to go to the cross of the Maxkirche after storm damage

Düsseldorf / Koblenz – The four meter high cross from the Maxkirche in Düsseldorf is now in the art smithy Hoppen in Dattenberg near Koblenz (Rhineland-Palatinate). The storm had shaken it so loosely that it threatened to plunge 42 meters into the depth. City dean Pastor Frank Heidkamp (62) had to have it dismantled.

But when the cross can be placed back on the tower of the late baroque old town church is still in the stars. According to foreman and restorer Sebastian Hoppens (67) the first diagnosis is not so much the cross as the problem, but the tower and the bracket.

The crucifix was brought to the smithy that very night

Photo: Christian Knieps

Hoppen is an absolute specialist. In the past 75 years, his company has crowned the towers in 1780 alone. Whether the cross with its weather cock will be repaired, revised and re-gilded or replaced is one thing. The other is the tower itself. Hoppen: “In two days, scaffolding will be erected at the Maxkirche so that structural engineers and carpenters can examine the tower in detail.”

It can be assumed that extensive safety measures are required on the tower and cross bracket. One thing is certain: unlike the church itself, the cross is not a work from the late baroque period, it was only created in 1954. It is not known where the original has remained.

If Master Hoppen receives the order, he guarantees that the restored cross will last 100 years.


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