Black-green government program for Düsseldorf is in place

Düsseldorf – After almost four months of negotiations in video conferences because of Corona, the government program of Düsseldorf’s first black-green coalition is now ready.

Mayor Stephan Keller (51, CDU) speaks of a “historic moment”. The top green Stefan Engstfeld (50) is happy that climate protection is “not spilled, but padded”. On 90 pages, the “Cooperation Agreement” comprises 17 fields of action from family to transport with almost 1000 individual points.


►Düsseldorf should become the “climate capital” and be climate-neutral by 2035. An additional 60 million euros are to be invested. Components: energetic building renovation, solar roofs on new urban buildings, an “environmental academy”, a sustainability officer, conversion to LED street lamps.

►Environmental traces are gone. In return, there should be environmentally sensitive traffic lights, more buses and trains, P + R parking spaces and more bike paths.

The rate for price-regulated living space (up to 9.80 euros per square meter) is to be increased to 50 percent for new construction projects.

► Establishment of a “whistleblower point” (protected whistleblower system), where citizens and employees of the city administration can report abuses.

►Establishment of a “generation campus” where daycare centers, schools, sports and music facilities, old people’s homes and apartments for the elderly will be built. Goal: mutual support.

The KiTa place is already free for children over three years of age (3+). In future, contributions for U3 children are to be reduced, some of which are waived.

►More security and order – flanked by more social workers and help, for example for the homeless.

A digitization offensive should bring fast Internet for every school class and fiber optics for everyone.

After the business tax revenue collapsed due to Corona, Keller’s coalition is relying on loans for the first two years, but wants to quickly return to a “balanced budget”.

On January 18, the party congresses still have to approve the program.


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