Billiard superstars are eliminated, who easily holds 2.1 billion dong of the harsh PBA?

Monday, January 4, 2021 10:17 AM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, billiard news) The 2.1 billion VND championship of the third leg of the PBA Tour 3-band billiards tournament this year is very unpredictable with the heavyweight candidates being eliminated.

The third stage of the PBA Tour 2020/21 tournament has created a great attraction since it had not started because there were a series of leading names of the world 3 ice carom village, most notably ” King of the crazy muscle ”Ngo Dinh Nai and Korea’s leading speculator Cho Jae Ho.

Dinh Nai was eliminated in the opening round

These new stars along with veteran names that are raging at the tournament such as Frederic Caudron, Filippos Kasidokostas, Kang Dong Koong or Ma Minh Cam make the championship worth 2.12 billion VND of this stage hotter. time is over. However, all of a sudden it happened when the stars were continuously eliminated from the first rounds.

Right from the opening round of the top 128, there were two shocks when Kasidokostas and Ngo Dinh Nai both stopped. If Dinh Nai lost a regretful way when only one turn to second place in the table, Kasidokostas, who had a championship in the PBA Tour stage, even had to stand at the bottom of the table.

Billiard superstars were eliminated, who could easily

Expected a lot but Cho Jae Ho could not go deep

This round saw a series of veteran European players such as David Martinez, Javier Palazon, David Zapata… were eliminated. Next in round 64, Denmark’s No. 1 player Tonny Carlsen could not continue.

In round 32 of the knockout competition, a series of big superstars said goodbye to the tournament. Significantly like Eddy Leppens, Robinson Morales, especially host country superstar Cho Jae Ho.

By round 16, the number one candidate for the Frederic Caudron championship was also eliminated before Ma Minh Cam. However, even the veteran player of Vietnam could not win the right to continue in the next round. This is also the round where the famous muscle man Kang Dong Koong lost 0-3 to Shin Jun Ju.

Billiard superstars were eliminated, who could easily

Uymaz is one of the brightest muscle players for the championship

With the top candidates being eliminated, this year’s PBA Tour 3rd leg championship this year is the dispute of 4 “dark horses” including 3 host country players Seo Hyun Min, Shin Jun Ju, Seo. Sam Il and Birol Uymaz, the Turkish mechanic, defeated Minh Cam in the quarterfinals.

Today January 4, the third leg of the PBA Tour will enter the final match day with two semi-finals taking place at noon and the final round of the match in the evening of the same day.

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