Billiard prize 6.2 billion VND: Ma Minh Cam lost in the opposite light and continued to shine

Sunday, February 28, 2021 10:02 AM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, billiard news) Ma Minh Cam still holds the power of self-determination for the ticket to continue at the PBA World Championship, despite an unfortunate defeat to Oh Tae Jun in the second round of the round. board.

Video of Minh Cam and Oh Tae Jun’s decisive match:

In the second match in Group H in the PBA World Championship, which took place on the evening of February 27, Ma Minh Cam unexpectedly lost to the Korean player, Oh Tae Jun.

Minh Cam still holds the power of self-determination even though she unfortunately lost to Oh Tae Jun

In front of an underrated opponent, Minh Cam still entered the game very cautiously. In the first game, the representative of Vietnam did not score a lot of points, but he always calculated carefully in defense, leaving very difficult marbles for the opponent. This tactic left Oh Tae Jun stuck in scoring. Minh Cam easily won 15-4 to take the lead.

In game 2, the pace of the match decreased significantly when both players proved inaccurate in the kicks. In this staggering game, Oh Tae Jun suddenly shone when he scored 11 points in 4 consecutive innings to win 15-11 to equalize the gap.

Game 3 saw Minh Cam’s acceleration with a series of series to win quickly 15-7. However, the match was once again back in balance as Oh Tae Jun responded with a quick win in game 4 with a score of 15-4, including a series of 7 points.

With excitement, the host country has added a 5-point baseline in game 5 to win 11-8, thereby winning the final with a surprising 3-2 score.

Billiard prize 6.2 billion VND: Ma Minh Cam lost the opposite light and continued to shine - 3

Minh Cam needs to win against Seo Sam Il in the last match

Currently, Oh Tae Jun rose to monopolize the top spot with 2 wins with a sub-difference of +4. Meanwhile, Ma Minh Cam (1 win 1 lose) is in 2nd place when the difference is 0. There is also 1 win and 1 loss, but Seo Sam Il is 3rd with the index of -2. The player was definitely eliminated. Kim Ki Hyok ranked last with 2 defeats.

So even if he lost in this game, Minh Cam still holds the autonomy for the ticket to continue when he will face Seo Sam Il directly in the last match of the group stage at 6 pm on March 1. .

The PBA World Championship takes place from February 25 to March 5, only for 32 male players with the highest scores on the PBA Tour rankings this season.

In the group stage, 32 male players are divided into 8 groups, each group of 4 players playing in the circle to select the top two players, and the second one to continue. Each match takes place in a 5-game 3-win format, each game plays up to 15 points, only game 5 decides to hit only 11 points.

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