Billiard genius Caudron lost shock, which player held 2 billion VND at PBA stage 4?

Sunday, January 24, 2021 19:11 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, billiard news) Despite shocking No. 1 candidate Frederic Caudron in the semi-finals, host Kang Min Gu still could not win the PBA Tour 4th leg championship.

Palazon beat Kang Min Gu and won the PBA 4th leg 2 billion championship (Source BilliardsTV)

Player Kang Min Gu created a great shock in the fourth leg of the PBA Tour when he defeated superstar Frederic Caudron in the semi-final on January 23. Seemingly exhausted after a five-set match against Dinh Nai in the quarterfinals the day before, Caudron had a bad entry and soon lost to Kang Min Gu in the first two games.

After passing Dinh Nai, superstar Caudron also stopped in the semi-finals

The effort of the Belgian “Billiard genius” only helped him regain his score in game 3, before officially hanging up in game 4 because of Min Gu’s “going to the field” with a series of 8 points. item.

Shocked superstar Caudron with a score of 3-1, Kang Min Gu entered the final match that took place on the same evening. His opponent is Javier Palazon, the Spaniard had an impressive 3-0 victory over Savas Bulut (Turkey) in the remaining semi-finals.

Player Kang Min Gu

Min Gu started the match well with 2 shots scoring 6 points. However, Palazon shows the level of the world champion who won the World Cup and 3 times the World Youth Championship with consecutive double-point shots to end the first game with a 15-6 gap.

In the next games, Min Gu played very well with a very steady hand. Only regret for the Korean player when Palazon had a sublime match. The 33-year-old musk consecutively made big series and scored on almost every turn to stay on Min Gu’s muscles.

PBA Tour Champion Javier Palazon 4th leg

In the end, Palazon won 4-0 in turn with the scores 15-6; 15-10; November 15 and September 15, thereby becoming the champion of PBA Tour 2021’s fourth leg and winning a prize amount of 100 million won (about 2.08 billion VND).

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