*** BILDplus content *** Between love and compulsion | When the dream man becomes a pimp


Loverboys are pimps and human traffickers. The Federal Criminal Police Office warns that they are currently looking for their victims in a targeted manner on the Internet, in social networks and dating portals. They seduce the mostly underage girls with compliments and build a relationship over a longer period of time with the prospect of a future together. The perpetrators then exploit this feigned love affair to exploit the young women. They usually have no other choice and are so emotionally bound to the man that they take to the streets for him. Two loverboy victims speak in BILD: Sandra Norak (32) and Katharina (39). The two women were in forced prostitution for six and eleven years respectively. They report on the inhumane situation in the German red light district, the brutality of suitors and their long, difficult exit from prostitution. Today both women are politically committed to the Nordic model.


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