BILD reporter 10 meters away: Two men shot down in the street

San Francisco – A sunny noon in a hippie neighborhood of San Francisco, California. People stroll through the streets in a good mood. Suddenly, at 1:02 p.m., several shots sounded like cannon blows. Big caliber. There is at least five firings. Your cartridges hit two men who slump between two postbuses.

One is killed instantly, the second victim is taken to a clinic unconscious. According to the police, his condition is critical. The attackers flee.

These are surreal scenes that take place at lunchtime in Haight Ashbury, in the middle of a popular alternative neighborhood. At the moment of the exchange of fire, I, the BILD reporter, was sitting in a bus by the window ten meters away when the rival men came from the sidewalk onto the street.

I immediately lie down on the floor. At this point, it is not clear to me or to others on the bus where the shots are coming from.

After a moment’s hesitation, the bus driver accelerates, shouts “active shooter, active shooter” and only stops several blocks away.

The bitter reality: It is a scene that has meanwhile become the sad everyday life of San Francisco.

►On October 22nd, a man was shot in his car a few streets away from the current crime scene and dragged himself to a hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Investigators have covered the killed man with a tarpaulinPhoto: Uncredited / dpa

►A homeless man (65) who was in the neighborhood died on September 8th. So far, the police have not identified any suspects.

►A 19-year-old was shot on September 6th. A bullet hit him in the face. He went blind.

Because local residents were afraid, the district mayor recently called a meeting with the police, according to the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper. In relation to the incident at the end of October, investigator Bassey Obot said: “I don’t think it was a random incident.”

The San Francisco Police Department announced last week that they suspect gang clashes may be behind the shootings. These groups fought for their territory.

Police officers cordoned off a large area of ​​the crime scene after the shooting

Police officers cordoned off a large area of ​​the crime scene after the shootingPhoto: Uncredited / dpa

The Haight Ashbury neighborhood, where the current shooting occurred, is a popular spot with tourists. They cavort there between hippie cafes, taco shops, fashion boutiques, but also numerous shops that sell marijuana and CBD products. These shops also attract many drug addicts, and most of them are guarded by heavily armed security guards.

Residents get money so they don’t shoot anyone

In an urban pilot program, residents have been paid since October so that they do not shoot each other.

The monthly salary for this: 300 dollars (around 252 euros). And $ 200 is a “bonus” for particularly good behavior …

In the former dream city, which is suffering from a brutal wave of crime and an extreme homeless crisis, the first payments are to begin in October: initially ten potential criminals are selected, who are to be persuaded by the transfer to lay down their weapons.


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