BILD reader Andreas Regitz: My Pokémon collection is worth 180,000 euros

Friedrichshafen – Getting rich with Pokémon cards – is that possible? BILD reader Andreas Regitz (55) from Friedrichshafen says: “1000% returns are possible.”

The Pokémon cards (branch of the video game from Nintendo) came on the market 25 years ago. At that time, a pack (eleven pieces) cost five marks at the kiosk. Today collectors are putting down insane amounts. A sensational 184,000 euros were paid for a rare card (“Pokémon Illustrator”) in 2020!

This card set alone is worth around 70,000 eurosPhoto: private

Regitz trades in gold and silver coins, and in the past also in surprise eggs. At the end of 2019, he discovered the 20-year-old first edition of a German Pokémon base set on the Internet – 36 packs of 11 cards each.

Requested price of the card set: 6000 euros! The purchase decision cost Regitz sleepless nights – and tough negotiations with his wife Petra (51): “You’re crazy,” she said.

But in the end, Regitz struck – and has not regretted the decision. Because he is now being offered 70,000 euros for his set! Regitz: “That would be about tenfold in 15 months.” A dream return! The total value of his collection: an estimated 180,000 euros.

Gold dealer Andreas Regitz keeps his Pokémon treasure in this massive steel safe

Gold dealer Andreas Regitz keeps his Pokémon treasure in this massive steel safePhoto: private

Andreas, the Pokémon nose, says: “Maybe BILD readers also have riches in their basement.” What should you watch out for with Pokémon? When labeling the cards, it is important: “English is always good, German is also good.” Languages ​​like Italian are difficult, according to Regitz.

Also important: the older, the rarer. The cards should still be in their original packaging. That makes the most money. Single tickets can also be valuable. BILD tip: You can see which cards are being traded at which prices at

Rich with Pokémon – nothing is impossible!


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