BILD organizes new hearing aids: Deaf Mattia (7) happy again

Bonn – The world around Mattia Leoni (7) from Asbach (Rhineland-Palatinate) is silent. When his coach blows his whistle on the football pitch, he doesn’t notice.

The cute boy is deaf from birth. He has been fitted with hearing implants (cochlear) since he was two years old, and the difficult technology used to enable him to hear. He is entitled to a new version of the speech processor every six years. But then AOK Bayern suddenly bitchy: They don’t want to pay for the new device version (11,500 euros per ear). Mattia’s mother, Tanja Safian (38): “My son tried out the new parts, his hearing improved by 30 percent.” Mattia was totally happy and could also understand his teacher better.

The hearing implants sit under Mattia’s scalp (not visible). They convert words and sounds into electronic impulses. Above it is the transmitter coil, which transmits the sound to the earPhoto: Patric Fouad

BILD intervenes – with success: the AOK wants to check again. Until a decision is made, the company Hörgerätetechnik Becker from Neuwied is making the super devices available free of charge. Mattia’s mother: “Thank you, BILD, for the effort.”

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