BILD on the road with the air ambulance – we save lives above the clouds

When the dream vacation suddenly turns into a nightmare …

… then comes Dr. Anke Jensen (58). She is a flight doctor. She has been flying around the world for 23 years, bringing seriously injured holidaymakers home.

Anke Jensen is a full-time anesthetist and intensive care physician at the Nuremberg North Clinic. Before the corona pandemic, she flew up to 60 missions a year. She is currently swapping the operating room for the flying intensive care unit twice a month.

Your workplace above the clouds: an aircraft with state-of-the-art equipment, a Dornier 328, with four treatment tables, EKG, ventilators, defibrillators. Everything is prepared for an emergency in the air.

BILD reporter Christin Wahl was allowed to accompany the flight doctor and her team with the camera for one day. This resulted in a 15-minute video report.

The film gives an exciting insight into the hard day-to-day work of a flight doctor. It’s a high-pressure job where every move and every decision counts.

Your mission: to save patients’ lives. But sometimes the doctors at the air ambulance are also confronted with death.


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