BILD clarifies questions from readers: How do I get care leave as an employee?

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There is a lot to consider when it comes to this topic: What grants do I get for renovating my house or apartment? How do I find a reliable caregiver for my mother or father? What is the difference between a Christian home and a state home?

A hot topic: care leave for relatives. Hardly anyone knows this possibility.
BILD explains. A care leave (or more correctly a care leave, because it is not a vacation leave) is a short-term absence from work for care.

What does it mean exactly?

Care leave can be taken overnight in order to be able to care for a relative at short notice.

However, this can also be taken as a vacation with those in need of care: If you look for special offers, everyone involved can recharge their batteries during this time.

There is a fundamental right to compensation for the lost salary. Then the replacement is paid as care allowance. It amounts to 90% of the lost net earnings.

Where do I apply for my care leave?
At the same time with the employer and with the health insurance company. There are no specific deadlines.

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