BILD ADVENT CALENDAR! The first doors open today!

ADVENT! ADVENT! Today BILD opens the first door of the new Advent competition. We don’t have chocolate, but we have a lot of Christmas bonus for you! Until Christmas Eve BILD will open a few doors of the Advent calendar every day and behind almost every window there is a Christmas bonus: from 100 euros to an incredible 200,000 euros. Behind “almost” every window? Yes, because this Advent calendar has more for you – more cash, but also great prizes that can otherwise only be found under the Christmas tree. Today it is smart smartphones from Nokia that you can also win with a call or SMS.
Just play along and with a little luck the BILD Christ Child may come to you today!

Advent, Advent! Lots of great prizes!

The advent calendar works very simply:
First, please answer the question and note the number after the correct answer, i.e. 1 or 2.
Now you are spoiled for choice, because today we have five little doors to choose from: behind the first four little doors you can find your Christmas bonus of 100 to 50,000 euros and behind the last little door 50 smartphones from Nokia. Simply choose “your” door, add the corresponding phone number or the SMS keyword with the number from the competition question and try your luck at Advent!
If you hit a door *, then you have won the Christmas bonus / prize that goes with it. And you will find out about that during your call! Today that can be up to 50,000 euros or a smart smartphone! BILD wishes you lots of fun and luck!

It’s that easy:

Please answer our Advent question today:

What are ice flowers made of?
Mulled wine – 1

Please note the final digit! And now simply select the prize you want and call the relevant telephone number. Or write an SMS!

5 chances of 50,000 euros

Call us at 01379 14 17 1_*
or send an SMS BEEP1_ to 40400 **

25 chances to win 10,000 euros

Call us at 01379 14 17 2_ *
or send an SMS BEEP2_ to 40400 **

50 chances to € 5,000

Call us at 01379 14 17 3_ *
or send an SMS BEEP3_ to 40400 **

2,500 chances to win 100 euros

Call us at 01379 14 17 4_ *
or send an SMS BEEP4_ to 40400 **

50 chances of getting a NOKIA PHONE

Call us at 01379 14 17 5_ *
or send an SMS PIEPEN5_ to 40400 **

A great fit under the Christmas tree: Nokia Phones from HMD Global, The Home of Nokia PhonesPhoto: BILD

The “Movie Maker Phone” with a 64MP quad camera that plays a leading role in the new James Bond film. Thanks to Android-One, all devices with two years of Android upgrades & three years monthly. Security updates supplied. Further information here!

************************************************** **************************************************(valid on MONDAY, November 30th, 2020, midnight to midnight)
* € 0.50 / call to landline, mobile significantly more expensive; ** € 0.50 / SMS

Via phone: Please answer the question and add the last digit -1 or -2 to the associated telephone number. Example: For 50,000 euros, first select the 01379 14 17 1_. Do you think “MULLED WINE“Is the correct answer, add 1 to this number for”WATER” the 2.

By texting: Please answer the question and add the end number of your correct solution to the SMS password. Send this to the short code 40400 **, followed by a SPACE, your name and address! SMS sample text for the 50,000 euros:
BEEP 11 Name, address

Til today (NOVEMBER 30th) at midnight you can try your luck in Advent.

You can find out immediately on the phone whether you have already won the advent calendar! If you suppress your phone number: When you call, please put a phone number on the tape so that we can reach you if you win! This is very important!

The judges’ decision is final. The ADVENTSKALENDER (ADVENTS-CASH-CALL) competition is a joint competition between BILD, BILD am SONNTAG, BZ and All prizes and profit information always relate collectively to these titles. Employees of Axel Springer SE and the companies involved in production (cooperation partners) are not allowed to participate. You will find out whether you have won when you call. The name “door”
defines a time window during which winnings are played out. The placement of the door or time window is done by a random generator. Whether you can win with a call or an SMS is entirely a matter of chance.
By participating, the players in general and the winners in particular declare that they are ready to be published with text, photos, possibly moving images and names in BILD and and in other Axel Springer SE media and to be available for promotional measures as part of the competition to stand.

Axel Springer SE can discontinue the ADVENT CALENDAR at any time without giving reasons. There is generally no entitlement to compensation or compensation for alleged chances of winning. Participation is only possible from Germany and is allowed from the age of 18. All money winners receive a crossed check for the prize amount, and delivery can take some time. The material prizes will be sent directly via the competition partners. If, in the event of a win, it is not possible to provide your personal data over the phone, we will contact you by phone. Unfortunately only some of the winners can be published. You can find more information in our Data protection and the generalCompetition conditions

* 0.50 euros / call to landline, mobile more expensive

** 0.50 euros / SMS


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