Biker could not brake in time – accident drama on the federal road – two dead

Magdeburg – Debris lies on the asphalt. Rescue workers block a federal road near Thale in Saxony-Anhalt. These are the scenes after a terrible motorcycle accident in the Harz Mountains.

There was a biker (68) from Berlin on the B81. In a right-hand bend between the towns of Hasselfelde and Cattenstedt, the man on his Honda VFR suddenly ran into oncoming traffic. Why? That is still completely unclear.

In the opposite lane, the biker crashed into a car. Then a second motorcyclist (65) raced into the scene of the accident, bumped into the victim. Both died. A third biker was hit in the leg by swirling wreckage and injured. A horror crash.

At the accident site in the Harz Mountains: a rescue helicopter landed on the street Photo: Magdeburg Police Department

Three more fatal biker accidents

► A motorcyclist (42) started to overtake Saturday near Regensburg (Bavaria). Also on a main road, he raced his Honda into an oncoming car. A police spokesman: “The 42-year-old motorcyclist from the Eichstätt district died at the scene of the accident.” The driver (20) was seriously injured. Damage: 15,000 euros. Now an expert should clarify the course of the accident.

The motorcycle lies in the hard shoulder after the accident near Regensburg

The motorcycle lies in the hard shoulder after the accident near RegensburgPhoto: Vifogra

► Police in Bad Tölz (Bavaria) are investigating a tragic accident on the B13. In the afternoon a column of four bikers drove there. Third was a Honda rider (38). In a left turn he had to brake, came off the road, and crashed into a tree. He was injured so badly that he died.

The motorcyclist collided with the truck

The motorcyclist collided with the truckPhoto: SDMG

► A biker (20) drove on Friday around 5.30 p.m. on a district road in the Calw district (Baden-Württemberg). He had just overtaken a car and pulled back into his lane on an incline before a bend. The man suddenly began to lurch and hit a pickup truck on the opposite lane. The motorcyclist was killed.

A motorcyclist collided with a car near Lindlar (North Rhine-Westphalia)

A motorcyclist collided with a car near Lindlar (North Rhine-Westphalia)Photo: police

► The bonnet shattered, the windshield cracked: Friday morning a motorcycle sped into a car on a country road near Lindlar (North Rhine-Westphalia). A novice driver (18) was on a 125cc motorcycle, got into the opposite lane and hit the car head-on. The driver (34) and her co-driver (37) were slightly injured, the 18-year-old seriously. Everyone had to go to the clinic.


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