Bia Viet wishes to sponsor SEA Games 31 and Para Games 11 to honor the spirit of Vietnam

Thursday, April 29, 2021 18:00 PM (GMT + 7)

Recently, the Vietnamese Beer brand – belonging to HEINEKEN Vietnam – has signed a memorandum of understanding to sponsor SEA Games 31 and ASEAN Para Games 11, promoting to become a sponsor of two regional sports tournaments. .

Desire to become a sponsor of SEA Games and Para Games

The year 2021 is the second time that Vietnam has been honored to become the host country of the 31st and Para Games 11. This year, there will be 40 subjects and 526 competitions in the framework of the SEA Games and 11 events in the competition. Para Games.

Becoming a sponsor, Bia Viet wishes to contribute to blowing up the Vietnamese character, empowering athletes to fight hard for the colors of the shirt and show their talents to international friends. Details of the sponsorship package will be announced in June 2021.

Speaking at the press conference to sign the Memorandum of Understanding between Bia Viet and the General Department of Gymnastics and Sports, Mr. Tran Duc Phan – Deputy Director General in charge of the General Department of Gymnastics and Sports – Deputy Director of the 31 SEA Games Organizing Committee and Asean Para Games 11 said, “The great sporting events such as SEA Games and Para Games play a very important role in promoting and building Vietnam’s image to international friends. To do this requires the coordination and support of many stakeholders. We highly appreciate the companionship of Vietnamese sports sponsors such as Viet Bia, helping to contribute to the overall success of the games.

Mr. Tran Duc Phan speaking at the Conference

On the side of Vietnamese Beer, Mr. Alexander Koch – CEO of HEINEKEN Vietnam – shared, “Vietnamese Beer is a proud brand that honors the spirit of the best effort of the Vietnamese people. So this regional tournament is a great opportunity for us to accompany the organization as well as empower the athletes to show their best performance. ”

Bia Viet wishes to sponsor SEA Games 31 and Para Games 11 to honor the spirit of Vietnam - 2

Bia Viet is proud to become the sponsor of SEA Games 31 and Para Games 11

The spirit of the SEA Games is attached to the message of the beauty of “Vietnamese quality”.

Despite the numerous differences between regions, Vietnamese people always possess common beauty, beyond any distance. That is the beauty of the national spirit, of one-hearted solidarity, and of persistent hard work.

In the two arenas of SEA Games and Para Games, the spirit of our best for the great goal of the Vietnamese people will be portrayed and shown more clearly than ever. Even when facing the strongest opponents, the athletes never let down or give up, always fighting hard, regardless of challenges. In particular, the athletes with disabilities have made even more efforts with their extraordinary will, despite the barriers to bring pride to the country.

Every SEA Games season, all Vietnamese people join together their national pride to cheer the home team in the competition. The beauty of the passionate hard work as well as the solidarity spirit is the message that Bia Viet wants to convey through the SEA Games and Para Games. This is also the “Vietnamese quality” that Viet Beer has always proudly praised and encouraged since its first launch in Vietnam in April 2020.

Vietnamese Beer was created with the desire to honor the national spirit of the Vietnamese nation in all parts of the country, with its inspiration from the one-hearted unity of the Vietnamese people and the diverse identity of Vietnamese cuisine. To satisfy the rich taste of Vietnamese people, Vietnamese Beer experts have had to research diligently to create a beer with harmonious taste, suitable for diverse culinary tastes of all regions.

Accompanying Vietnamese people to overcome all challenges

Born in the midst of many difficulties from the Covid pandemic to natural disasters, storms and floods, Bia Viet has carried out practical activities to contribute to the country. Specifically, 10 billion VND of capital planned to organize a series of product launch events has been used to support the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic, through the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front.

Bia Viet wishes to sponsor SEA Games 31 and Para Games 11 to honor the spirit of Vietnam - 3

Viet Beer organizes the program “Van wishes as desired”, giving gifts to families with difficult circumstances

When natural disasters in the Central region continue to bring many difficulties and challenges, Bia Viet together with local authorities to donate 3 billion VND in the form of necessities and cash to households in the affected areas. heavily in the provinces of Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Hue and Quang Ngai. Not only that, at the beginning of 2021, this brand organized the program “Van wishes as desired” to contribute to bringing a fuller Tet for the Vietnamese people, after a year of many difficulties and challenges. .

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