BERLINER had warned teenagers – mask dispute: man beaten up in subway

A physical injury in a Berlin subway, after a mask dispute, ended in handcuffs for two suspects (16, 18) – they were placed in front of a snack bar in Tegel. They are said to have just tampered with that.

A subway line 6 wagon just before entering the Alt-Tegel terminus. A man (27) dares to ask the young people about their missing masks around 11 p.m.

Not a good idea… A fight breaks out. The mask refusers beat up the passenger. When they get to the station, they flee.

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Police officers take the display a little later. Suddenly, a woman speaks to the officers. “I think the two you’re looking for are at a diner not far away. Some forces rushed there!


The snack bar “Würfel III” is only about 400 meters away on Karolinenstraße, at the corner of Waidmannsluster Damm. There, a saleswoman (26) noticed two men around 11:30 p.m. Lisa N. (name changed) to BILD: “They sneaked around in front of the sales counter. One pulled his hood down over his face. That struck me as spooky. So I immediately lowered the shutters.

Your hunch should be confirmed. Shortly thereafter, she notices how the handle of the door on the back wall is being carefully pushed down. On the video surveillance screen she sees – the same men. She hears one say: “…then we’ll just wait until she comes out…”

At the door of the snack bar in Berlin-Tegel, two suspects were probably waiting for the saleswoman who was cleaning up insidePhoto: private

Lisa N. “I was absolutely terrified. Apparently I was about to be robbed. I immediately called the police and spoke very quietly. So that the dark figures outside don’t hear me and run away.”

The operational code word of the operations control center: “Burglary! Currently!” That means the suspects are still at the crime scene. Pay special attention to personal security. Any available cops in the area will then speed up.

This is successful!

About 40 seconds after the emergency call, the officers who had rushed from the Alt-Tegel underground station and other support forces arrested the two dark figures. The 16-year-old defends himself so violently that an officer is injured.

Police spokesman Michael Gassen (56) to BILD: “It quickly became clear that the people found at the snack bar could also be responsible for the dangerous bodily harm in the subway car. Of course, further investigations must now reveal that.”

Restaurateur and snack chef Olaf Schenk (59) to BILD: “A big compliment to the speed of the police. It was worth investing in safety technology. Thanks to this and my attentive colleague, we were now able to help the investigators and maybe even solve the assault on the subway.”


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