Berlin: “Unconventional thinker” collapses during police checks and dies in hospital

During the unauthorized “lateral thinking” demonstration in Berlin on Sunday, a man collapsed and then died in a hospital. As the Berlin police confirmed on Monday morning, the 49-year-old was a participant in the protests.

According to the first information, the man complained of a tingling sensation in his arm and chest in the course of an identity check at the demonstration on Sunday afternoon. Initial measures were taken immediately by police forces until an alarmed ambulance immediately took care of the supply. The man later died in a hospital. According to proper practice, a death investigation had been initiated.

Prohibited “lateral thinker” demo Thousands of demonstrators, 600 arrests in Berlin

Source: BILD / Martin Heller / WELT, Reuters


Despite the ban on several demonstrations, including those from the “lateral thinker” scene, thousands of people took to the streets in Berlin. There were several clashes between protesters and the police on Sunday. As police spokesman Thilo Cablitz of the rbb “Abendschau” said, there were almost 600 arrests. There were around 5000 participants. They would have tried again and again across town to find each other.

Violent assault on journalists

A brutal attack on a journalist occurred on the sidelines of the protests in Kreuzberg. Jörg Reichel, the Berlin-Brandenburg state manager of the German Union of Journalists (DJU) in Verdi, was brutally attacked on the sidelines of the protests in Kreuzberg.

As the “Tagesspiegel” reports, Reichel was pulled from his bicycle by several people on Sunday and then hit and kicked. It was only through the intervention of passers-by that they let go of him. The unionist suffered injuries to his shoulder and legs and is currently in hospital.

“We are deeply dismayed and stand by the side of our colleague in solidarity, who has been observing the rallies of the so-called lateral thinkers with great personal commitment since last year and advocating the media and freedom of the press,” said the Federal Managing Director of the DJU in Verdi, Monique Hofmann .

Reichel had been defamed and threatened from the “lateral thinking” scene for months, Hofmann explained. His name and photo were circulating on relevant Telegram channels. “Jörg didn’t let himself be intimidated by this and carried on.”

Police ended the demonstration in the night

On Monday night there was a major police operation at the Lustgarten in Berlin-Mitte.

Teaser picture

Police officers at the Altes Museum in Berlin-Mitte, where numerous people gathered for an unregistered demo

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According to initial information, dozens of people gathered on the stairs of the “Altes Museum” and wanted to protest. Since it was a non-registered demo, the police moved in and tried to clear the area.

It should have come to scuffles between officials and demonstrators. According to BILD information, bottles are also said to have been thrown.

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Here, too, there were scuffles with officials

Photo: spreepicture

Eventually the meeting was dissolved. It is still unclear whether the crowd were participants in the “lateral thinkers” protests on Sunday.


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