Berlin: Two red speeders flee from the police

One ran after the accident, the other tried before that. Two young Mercedes drivers kept the police in suspense on Saturday night.

Berlin – A 21-year-old had fled from a vehicle inspection, and an allegedly 28-year-old crash driver left the field with an excuse.

Accident in Treptow

“I have to get a bottle of water quickly,” he is said to have said with reference to his co-driver (21), who was still sitting in the accident car, after he rammed an SUV on Elsenstrasse at the corner of Am Treptower Park on Friday evening.

Firefighters push the Mercedes of the Rot-Rasers off the intersection on Treptower Elsenstrasse

Photo: spreepicture

When it was red, he had crashed over the traffic lights around 8 p.m. and crashed into the passenger side of the driver (35) of a Ford Kuga.

However, the young woman waited in vain for water. Your friend didn’t come back. Although the police were able to quickly find his address, the investigators have not yet met him.

Accident in Wedding

Five hours later, a Mercedes sped past a civil patrol car on Weddinger Müllerstrasse. The police initially waived a control because the driver took off the accelerator.

But shortly afterwards the same car rushed through Gotthardstrasse in Tegel. Now another man was at the wheel! Blue lights couldn’t stop him.

Teaser picture

A whole fleet of patrol cars had moved down Müllerstrasse in pursuit of the getaway car

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He drove away at full throttle, even through several red lights. At the intersection of Müllerstrasse and Bruxellesstrasse it was over. The Mercedes crashed into the gulf of the plainclothes investigators who first noticed it.

The 21-year-old bolted the doors boldly. The investigators had to break the windows to get him and his three passengers, aged 19 to 23, out of the car.

The crash driver did not have a driver’s license. A rapid drug test was positive. The car that belonged to his mother was confiscated.


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