Berlin – Judge ruled: Abdallah Abou-Chaker was acquitted

Berlin – The public prosecutor wanted to put Abdallah Abou-Chaker (39) behind bars for three and a half years for illegal business with the swanky carts, but the size of the neighborhood is acquitted!

The process began on May 26th – it involved four stolen luxury cars, forged wage slips, leasing contracts at Daimler-Benz, and damage of 350,000 euros.

Two cars turned up in Abou-Chaker’s car rental (20 entries in the criminal record, was in jail as a pimp, among other things). The acquittal was “a resounding slap in the face for the Berlin public prosecutor,” says his defense lawyer Oliver Scheffler.

Only the then Mercedes salesman Sascha K. (49) from Wilmersdorf was convicted: aiding and abetting fraud, 10 months imprisonment on probation, a commission of 8,000 euros was collected. As well as the Neukölln Decio G. (33): Fraud and use of false documents, two years imprisonment on probation. 345,000 euros are to be collected from him.

According to the judge, he persuaded straw people to conclude the leasing contracts with forged wage slips for vehicles that they could not afford at all.

The public prosecutor’s office had applied for well over two years for all prison terms. The longest jail time for Abou-Chaker.

The public prosecutor’s office can appeal the judgment.


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