Berlin: Father (32) racially insulted and spat on – the police are investigating

Disgusting racist attack in Berlin!

A man (32) who was out with his child (1) was badly offended by a woman in the Lichtenberg district.

When he and his child were walking past the adult education center on Paul-Junius-Strasse on Friday afternoon around 2:40 p.m., the woman verbally attacked him violently. The man films everything and puts the video online later.

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She insulted him racially and spat on him several times. When the woman finally lets go of him and goes into the building, the man continues on his way – and files a complaint.

The video, which the 32-year-old posted on Twitter, shows the attack. He writes: “I experienced that today in Lichtenberg, @Polizeiberlin an advertisement would be possible here or nothing.”

The Post is very sympathetic, and many users advise the man to report it.

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“I have seen such racist anger attacks as this often,” said the native Nigerian to the “ Tagesspiegel “. “Often I am not believed or I am told that it is not that bad. Also from the police. This time I thought I’d take it on my cell phone. “

The attack started completely suddenly when the father was walking past the adult education center with his child. The woman he did not know yelled at him: “What are you doing in my country, you monkey!” He tried to ignore the woman – she became even madder. “What are you talking to me anyway?” She screamed.

Suddenly and unexpectedly this woman molested and spat on her father (32)

Photo: Balogun Adegbayi / Twitter

“When I experience something like that and then tell it, people often say: yes and?”, That’s why he decided to film the woman. That seemed to make his attacker even more aggressive. “You cripple, you Kanake, fuck off here,” she screamed. The video shows how she turns back several times at the door to the adult education center to attack the 32-year-old again and again.

The police said on Saturday on Twitter: “A video is currently spreading on social media that shows a woman who insults a person in Berlin in a massively xenophobic manner. We sent the video to our state security department at the LKA shortly after it was published. “


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