Berlin club collects for people in Ukraine

A week ago, BILD am SONNTAG reported on the story of Alexandra Melendez (31). The Berliner, who has Russian and Ukrainian roots, wrote about her desperation in the face of war.

Berlin – Desperation yes – helplessness no. The BILD am SONNTAG sports editor has been collecting donations for the people of Ukraine since last Sunday.

The boxes are piling up

Photo: Chris Hartung

Melendez: “My husband runs a club. We have turned the club into a donation collection point. After that we started an appeal on social media that we are now accepting donations.”

Many of her more than 56,000 followers came straight away, with donations under their arms: “After two hours, our club was completely full and we stopped accepting.”

The volunteers at her club work long hours

The volunteers at the club work long hours

Photo: Chris Hartung

Friends and acquaintances rent trucks at their own expense and drive them – loaded to the roof with donation boxes – to the Ukrainian border. Ukrainian drivers then bring the donations to their country.

The volunteers at her club work long hours and sometimes have to force themselves to eat. Melendez: “I no longer have an overview of how many donations we sent to Ukraine. There were at least three vans per day.”

Toothbrushes, groceries, clothing—all of these are needed

Toothbrushes, groceries, clothing—all of these are needed

Photo: Chris Hartung

But there is also help in Berlin: “I know we have created something good out of the situation when refugees come to our club and gratefully take whatever they need at the moment.”

Hundreds of thousands against Putin Huge peace demonstration in Berlin

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