Berlin: 12 dead after the corona outbreak! Did the seniors die of sloppiness?

Berlin – Corona shock in a Berlin nursing home! Twelve residents died of Corona – only then was the home partially evacuated on Friday. How could that happen?

The first resident tested positive for Corona on October 8 – during a stay in the clinic. The home was closed to visitors. Nevertheless, the virus continued to spread.

Equipped with white protective suits, goggles and respiratory protection, helpers took 14 residents to other facilities on Friday

Photo: Sven Meissner

“Test results came much too late”

▶ ︎ Now accusations of sloppiness are loud! A nurse from the home told BILD: “We were all tested, but the test results came much too late. The health department has failed. “The responsible City Councilor for Health Martin Schaefer (45, CDU) to BILD:” I cannot judge which test the caregiver means. “

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The residents were taken out of their dormitory on stretchers and in wheelchairs

Photo: Sven Meissner

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14 residents who tested positive were moved to other facilities

Photo: Jörg Carstensen / dpa

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14 of the infected home residents were removed from the house on Gensinger Strasse.

Photo: Sven Meissner

The suspicion: Did infected nurses come to work for days and passed the virus on? City Councilor for Health Schaefer now wants to have a check “whether staff has appeared for work despite symptoms”. Eugen Brysch (58), board member of the German Foundation for Patient Protection, called for daily quick tests for all nursing home employees in BILD am SONNTAG.

In the Berlin home, there should also have been other problems. According to “Tagesspiegel”, relatives criticized the fact that the nursing staff changed frequently, that many temporary workers were deployed – the home operator did not comment on this, but pointed out that all relevant hygiene measures had been observed. City Councilor for Health Schaefer “The medical officer will examine with the Senate Department for Health whether and where there may have been defects in the home.”

Map: Corona infected people in the Berlin districts - infographic
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The “Kursana Domizil” nursing home on Gensinger Strasse in Berlin-Lichtenberg

Photo: Sven Meissner

A spokeswoman for the Kursana home owner told BILD yesterday: “Currently 27 residents and 17 employees are Corona-positive.” On the 12 deaths, she said: “As far as we know, all of them had serious previous illnesses or were in the palliative phase.” Years old.

The district wants to test all employees and residents from today. The home announced that it would carry out rapid corona tests on all employees before they start working. For many residents, this step comes too late.

Statistics: Corona cases per 100,000 inhabitants - infographic


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