Bergkamen: Police are looking for kiosk robbers armed with knives

Bergkamen (North Rhine-Westphalia) – The last customer had barely left the shop when the knife man stormed in with his accomplice: The Unna police are looking for two brazen kiosk robbers!

The two men stole cash and cigarettes on Monday evening in the “Dorawa world of enjoyment” in Bergkamen. It was 7:50 p.m. and 20 seconds when the silence in the deserted shop was suddenly broken by shouts of “Money out!”.

The perpetrator on the left threatens the kiosk employee with a knife, his accomplice digs out a bag for the lootPhoto: private

The employee, just 17 years old, was afraid for her life. A police spokesman: “One of the perpetrators stepped behind the counter and asked the employee to hand over cash while holding a knife about 30 centimeters long.”

While the robber ransacked the till in all black, the other calmly stuffed packets of cigarettes from the shelf into a garbage bag. The criminals left the store with the words “Stay there, I’ll kill you!” They were seen by a customer – possibly someone had already taken off his balaclava. The man left before the police arrived and is now wanted as a witness by the police.

The perpetrators collect money and cigarettes

The perpetrators collect money and cigarettesPhoto: private

The young employee suffered a shock. Owner Michael Dorawa (49) told BILD the next day: “She is doing a little better now, she is being looked after. I hope the robbers will be caught quickly. “

Description: 18 to 25 years old, slim, mostly black clothes, accomplice wore a hoodie with a military pattern, Messer-Mann spoke broken German.

Information to the Unna police: Tel. (02307) 9213220.


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