Benefits of running with children

Regular jogging with appropriate volume helps children reduce the risk of obesity, build strong bones and muscles, improve creativity.

Running has long been shown to have many benefits for physical and mental health. In particular, this applies not only to adults but also to children.

Many parents are still hesitant to let their children practice running, as well as participating in age-appropriate competitions. They worry that the child is not strong enough, easily leading to injury or accident. However, parents will definitely have to think again when they know how the running habit has a positive impact on the overall development of their children.

A child is heading towards the finish line of the Kun Marathon kid’s race held in Quy Nhon on June 11th. Image: VM

Reduce the risk of obesity

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that by 2025, 75 million children will be obese. Obesity is not only related to weight but also affects health problems such as diabetes, heart and joints, disability and even some cancers. The WHO recommends that children spend at least 60 minutes or more a day in physical activity, but only 21% of the 6- to 19-year-old group do this right.

Parents can choose to run as a method to limit obesity for their children. According to a study in the UK, the health of students at schools participating in the project of running 1.5 km per day also improved a lot. After 7 months of practice, children can run 15 minutes in a row without a break, at a speed of up to 5% faster. Not to mention, jogging also helps children become firmer, reducing the area of ​​wrinkled skin by 4%.

The children were excited when they were able to run for the first time.  Photo: VM

The children were excited when they were able to run for the first time. Image: VM

Intelligence development

Not only has positive physical effects, running has also been shown to help children increase intelligence. According to a study published in the Journal of School Health, Swedish scientists have found that increasing physical activity, including running, helps improve children’s moods by releasing toxins. Chemicals can reduce symptoms of depression, increase receptivity.

After four years of practice, the active kids were more than twice as likely to complete their academic goals in Swedish, Math and English as other children.

Maintain healthy habits

Another reason parents should be aware is that running can help form good habits in the long run for children. As a result, children will no longer sit still and glued to electronic devices all day.

According to the Center for Health and Activity Research at the University of Exeter (UK), people who are active from a young age are more likely to achieve their goals and continue to be active into adulthood. Children will understand the value of perseverance and practice, making it easier to succeed even when faced with many challenges.

Hundreds of children overcome obstacles Kun Marathon Quy Nhon viewed from above.  Photo: VM

Hundreds of children overcome obstacles Kun Marathon Quy Nhon viewed from above. Image: VM

Children between the ages of 3-4, parents can start with some games related to running to help children love this habit more. If your child is interested, kindergarten is the right age to find suitable running programs. In addition, parents can also let their children participate in local running competitions for children.

Kun Marathon in Ha Long, taking place on July 23, is a kid’s race for children aged 6-10 years old. With a running track of 700 m, designing obstacles to increase mobility, it will be an interesting challenge for children. Parents register online here to register their children to participate in the tournament. Kun Marathon has 2,000 free runs.

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