Benefits of kissing

Kissing is scientifically proven to increase physical and mental health, creating a strong connection between two lovers.

Excited brain

During a kiss, the sensitivity of the lips causes the brain to create a “chemical cocktail” that gives a feeling of euphoria. This cocktail is made up of the three hormones dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin.

This compound activates pleasure centers in the brain, creating feelings of euphoria and possibly addiction. Meanwhile, oxytocin is the love hormone that gives a feeling of attachment and affection to your partner.

“Even the level of serotonin in the brain during kissing is equivalent to the amount found in people with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder,” British science speaker, Emer Maguire, said. That’s why we love to kiss someone and keep the memory of a good kiss for many years.


Reduce stress

Along with the happiness hormone, kissing lowers cortisol, the hormone that rises when people are stressed. So, a kiss is your way to soothe yourself after a stressful day at work.

Immune booster

Up to 80 million bacteria are transferred in a 10-second kiss, according to research published in the journal Microbiome. However, this is good for our immune system. Thanks to the invading bacteria, the gut microbiome is more diverse, which means a stronger immune system.

Kissing helps you choose the right person

Professor Robin Dunbar, of the University of Oxford, UK, said that mate selection and courting in humans are very complex. It involves a series of evaluation stages, where we ask ourselves “am I going to move further into this relationship?”.

“Initial attraction can include face, body, and social cues. Then appreciation gets tighter as we go deeper into the flirting stages and this is where the kiss comes in.” , he said.

When you kiss someone, you’ll assess genetic material like taste and smell and decipher whether that person’s immune system complements yours and if you two will produce a healthy baby.

A woman’s kissing experience also varies, depending on when in her menstrual cycle. When the chances of conceiving are highest, women prefer men who exhibit latent genetic physical cues, such as facial masculinity, facial symmetry, social dominance, and ability to conceive. genetic compatibility.

It seems likely that kissing a potential mate at this point helps a woman gauge his genetic quality, the researchers say.

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