Benefits of keeping aquarium fish

Indoor aquariums are said to have the effect of bonding the family, helping to stabilize the heart rate and sleep for members.

Reduce stress

Allan Schwartz, PhD, American psychotherapist, says owning and maintaining an aquarium is bringing calming nature into your home. Watching schools of fish, trees, rocks, and water will help relieve stress and anxiety. The sound of water bubbles, the color of the fish, and the vegetation inside help reduce agitation.

That’s also the reason aquariums are often placed in dental clinics, nursing homes, restaurants and doctors’ rooms.

The 2019 American Pet Owners Survey found that more than 13 million homes in the US keep aquarium fish, the third most popular after dogs and cats.

Raising ornamental fish brings many spiritual values. Illustration: Brightside

Sleep better

The sound in the aquarium creates a peaceful feeling, helping people relax and fall asleep easily. Furthermore, looking at the aquarium before bed can also calm the mind.

Sleep expert Chris Brantner says studies from the 80s have shown that watching fish in a tank can lower blood pressure similar to other relaxation and meditative therapies. Watching fish and listening to the sound of running water helps produce serotonin, a brain stimulant that increases the happy hormone endorphin, helping to sleep better.

Research conducted at Purdue University (USA) shows that having an aquarium at home improves mood, alertness and appetite in Alzheimer’s patients, while reducing aggression. It may improve concentration and sleep, and promote school performance in these patients.

Stabilize your heart rate

Aquariums have a positive effect on the heart. A 2015 study by the University of Exeter (UK), found that watching aquariums not only regulates heart rate but also helps stabilize blood pressure.

The study also found that observing aquatic habitats can have a positive effect on people’s overall health.

Family bonding

Watching fish tanks has become a common hobby for many families, unintentionally helping them get closer together. Aquarium teaches children about nature and responsibility through feeding and taking care of them. Watching fish also helps children to be less interested in electronics or watching TV.

If you live in a rented house, and dogs and cats are not allowed, then an aquarium is an ideal alternative.

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