Benefits of financial accumulation for children

Parents proactively accumulate money early to help create a solid foundation for their children.

Parallel to independent parenting, the need for early financial preparation to ensure a good starting point, helping children confidently develop their future is also the goal of many parents. This also brings many benefits, parents can guide their children how to accumulate intelligence – which is an early life money management lesson, helping children to learn more virtues of savings.

There are many ways to achieve the long-term financial accumulation goal, of which life insurance is also a suggestion. Because, in addition to the cumulative nature, life insurance also helps parents to be assured, no matter what happens, the future plan for their children will continue, thereby putting aside financial worries. Children enjoy meaningful beginnings like when they entered high school, in college … or even when they married their own family.

Recently, MB Ageas Life launched two new financial solutions, the “Future Stronger” life insurance product and “The Gift of Phu Quy”.

Lifetime life insurance product with periodic “Future” premium. Image: MB Ageas Life.

With the insurance product “Firm the Future” – MB Ageas Life gives parents an optimal solution for accumulation. In addition, one of the special features of the Vung Future insurance product is the protection benefit, with the sum insured up to 142 times the basic premium, the maximum total benefit is up to more than 300% of the amount. insurrance.

In addition to preeminent protection benefits, “Vung Future” insurance products are flexibly designed, in accordance with the actual requirements of each customer. Accordingly, when owning this insurance product, customers can balance protection benefits, investment interests, and receive other benefits such as special payments for every 5 policy years; free first year contract management when joining.


A one-time premium “Phu Quy Gift” for lifetime universal life insurance product. Image: MB Ageas Life.

In addition, with the one-time premium universal insurance product “Phu Quy Gift”, customers will be financially stable and proactive in planning their children’s assets easily and conveniently.

MB Ageas Life’s “Strong Future” and “Rich Gift” products are committed to accompany you on the journey of effective accumulation and financial management. For more information about 2 “Vung Future” products, see here, “Phu Quy Gift” product here.

Le Nguyen

On this occasion, MB Ageas Life launches promotions for the duo of Phu Quy Gift and Future Prosperity products for customers who purchase Insurance Contract of Bancassurance channel transacted at Bank’s transaction points. MB Army goods with a total maximum value of up to 9 billion VND.

– Promotion program: “Phu Quy Gift – Lifetime as Wish”, taking place from 9/11 to the end of December 31, applied when customers buy insurance policy of Phu Quy Gift products Offer is the E-voucher for Urbox shopping worth up to 20 million VND.

– Promotion program: “Open Your Agreement – Start as desired”, from 9/11 to 9/2/2021, apply when customers buy Insurance Policy of Good Future products (and other life insurance products of MB Ageas Life) with gifts worth up to 8 gold pieces.


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