Being criticized for the first round is too big, the golf beauty is extremely angry

Friday, January 15, 2021 19:04 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, golf news) Despite possessing a perfect body, the golfer is still criticized by the audience, which makes the 27-year-old girl warm to many people.

Paige Spiranac, is a golfer but she is famous for her beauty. Without outstanding achievements when playing golf, Spiranac is admired by hundreds of thousands of fans for having a beautiful face and a “fiery” body. People often visit her Instagram to see beautiful pictures of the 27-year-old golfer.

Spiranac “retorted” against the negative comments from the audience

There are many fans but also many people hate it, there are anti fans who often follow Spiranac with the aim of intimidating and defaming the American golfers. She was threatened with death because she was dressed too sexy, recently the American golfer was badly criticized by the audience.

Spiranac, which described the people who sent her disparaging messages on Twitter, instagram, with the content: “It’s crazy that people say I look too fat, too thin, too flabby, too old, too much makeup, the makeup was not enough, the bust was too big, the third was not big enough, too pale, too blond, not blond enough, all these criticisms were written in 1 day “.

The 27-year-old golfer said that she is always begging and accepting criticism, but she wants to be honestly criticized, many things that people say about her are sometimes too contradictory. Spiranac annoyed “back against”: “Guys, this is not the Build-A-Bear workshop (a shop specializing in selling teddy bears and stuffed animals in the US). Calm down, everyone”.

After the “excuse” from Spiranac, many fans on twitter responded to her. “Let’s see what weaknesses she just listed? Does it have to be saying her own bad points,” one wrote.

“The things that the audience writes are probably true of the things that the female golfer lacks, so she is annoyed and not strange,” added another account.

Spiranac boasts a substantial following, with more than 380,000 followers on Twitter and almost three million on Instagram. Being famous means dealing with love and hate, Spiranac is loved by a large number of fans, but it is true that she often receives unreasonable compliments from people who hate her.

Some new images of Spiranac

Being criticized

Being criticized

Being criticized

Being criticized

Being criticized

Being criticized


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