Bédérama celebrates the wedding of the 7th and 9th arts

The literary season has seen numerous comics appear on the history of film figures, such as Alice Guy, a pioneer of cinema, and Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle, the forgotten star of the silent burlesque.

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These fascinating characters who shaped the beginnings of cinema will be evoked during Bédérama, a festival exploring four days during the links between the 7th and 9th arts at the Forum des images in Paris. Its third edition will hear the authors of the albums in question: Nadar and Julien Frey for Fatty, the first king of Hollywood (Futuropolis), Saturday October 16, then Catel and Jean-Louis Bocquet for Alice guy (Casterman), Sunday October 17.

The heritage cinema will also be celebrated by the guest of honor, Laurent Durieux, Belgian designer of alternative posters of classics such as AGone with the wind, The birds, The Godfather Where Jaws. During his masterclass on Saturday evening, this cinephile illustrator will come back to his method of putting together neat images with strong symbolism, very inspired by Edward Hopper, which caught the eye of Steven Spielberg or Francis Ford Coppola. A documentary filmed above his drawing board will also be broadcast on Friday evening, October 15.

Live Drawings

In addition to Laurent Durieux’s favorite works, other films will be screened, starting with the preview Thursday, October 14, the evening of Jacques Audiard’s new feature film, The Olympics (in theaters November 3), adapted from news from Intruder, by the American Adrian Tomine (Cornelius), stories of young New Yorkers a little lost. Transposed in France in 2021, it gives a crossover in love exploring feelings in the age of the Internet and uninhibited sex.

Anxious to create festive moments, Bédérama will offer two live drawing sessions, one of which will oppose on Friday evening two teams of authors from graphic magazines (Topo and Fluide Glacial) with artists as talented as Émilie Gleason, revelation prize at the Angoulême Festival in 2019 for Ted, funny coco(Atrabile), and Chloé Wary, audience award at the same festival in 2020, for Rose season (FLBLB).

As a final bouquet, the adaptation of Zaï zaï zaï zaï, a successful comic book by Fabcaro (6 feet under), returns to the stage of the Forum des images after having triumphed there in 2019. This unusual show brings back all the flavor of this crazy story where we follow the run of a comic book author who became public enemy number 1 after forgetting his loyalty card at the supermarket… This lively and hilarious reading of the album by the duo Nicolas and Bruno, creators of Informative messages, a humorous pastille broadcast on Canal + at the end of the 1990s, will take place on Sunday before leaving on tour (1).


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