Become a football expert thanks to the article feature on Viva24h sports news app

Not only helps you update every second with the latest sports, football, news and entertainment information, at Viva24h you also have the opportunity to become a famous author and football expert thanks to the article posting feature.

Viva24h – Towards the largest sports community in Vietnam

Viva24h – the No. 1 football and sports news aggregator in Vietnam, providing comprehensive news about football, sports, entertainment, and current affairs to millions of people every day.

Coming to Viva24h, you can both update sports news and participate in discussions on Fanclub communities, especially you can post articles expressing your views and views to thousands of people who are passionate about football. rock. The content on Viva24h not only comes from official news sources, but also has unique articles, images, videos… written specifically for Viva24h, you won’t find anywhere else, in which not Few of the content has gone “viral” widely.

Platform to exchange with like-minded people

The difference of Viva24h from other sports news platforms is that readers can post articles to express their personal views for everyone to contribute and discuss. Thousands of articles from authors are posted every day, creating a special attraction for this application. Instead of posting on Facebook with only a few friends interacting with them, readers can now choose to share with the sports football community on Viva24h, which will certainly be much more “smash” with hundreds, thousands of rows. thousand likes (likes) and comments (comments)

Become a football expert thanks to the feature of posting articles on the Viva24h sports news app - 2

Viva24h is a platform to exchange with people with the same passions and interests, surfing the app, you will easily come across enthusiastic articles from friends, fans, fanclub members or articles, analysis articles. Expertise from famous experts and authors.

Become a football expert by posting articles on Viva24h - 3 sports news app

In addition to the posting feature, here are some highlights that make you download Viva24h today:

– Update every second the latest football sports news

– The Fanclub community is active, with friends and fans to participate and discuss, jubilantly “slashing” at the fanclubs of famous clubs: Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid,…

– Watch copyrighted highlight video, sharp, fast forward to notable situations

– Become famous when posting many good and sharp articles on the community

– Especially, participating in predicting football results won many attractive prizes

Currently, Viva24h is available on both website platforms and mobile apps, fans can immediately access the website or download the Viva24h app on the app store (App Store/Google Play) to show their passion. at the largest sports community in Vietnam.


(Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine).


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