Because they fought over bees: beekeeper stung by neighbor

Wanzleben (Saxony-Anhalt) – A beehive, two retirees and a lot of hatred.

A mixture that ended almost fatally for Manfred K. (70) in the tranquil Wanzleben district of Bergen (Saxony-Anhalt).

The beekeeper received a knife stab in the kidney from his neighbor, life threatening!

Manfred K. moved to Bergen from Baden-Württemberg eleven years ago. Because of love.

The beekeeper with his beehives in the garden

Photo: Repro Christian Schroedter

But the relationship with neighbor Helmut R. (79) was difficult from the start. The beekeeper: “He smeared my garage door, attacked me with irritant gas and poisoned my hedges.” Criminal charges, civil suits, years of anger!

Then, five weeks ago, it finally escalated. Manfred K .: “Helmut washed his car. I asked him not to. ”Concerned that the bees might drink from the mopping water. “Then they die.”

Helmut R.’s fuses blow. He goes after the beekeeper with a knife! “He was chopping around wildly. When I left, he must have caught me from behind. I felt something warm – everything was full of blood. ”A kidney stitch!

Teaser picture

Neighbor Helmut R. (79) is being investigated for attempted manslaughter

Photo: Repro Christian Schroedter

Rescue helicopter! Manfred K. is put into an artificial coma because the kidneys failed. “I had to be operated three times.” His wife: “It’s a miracle he’s still alive.”

The engraver was arrested, but was quickly released. Opposite BILD: not a word! He is being investigated for attempted manslaughter.


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