Because the internet is too slow in Selina’s parents’ house: home schooling in the snow

Munich – Trembling on a final exam is normal for many students. High school graduate Selina Seebauer (17) really shivered. From the cold!

The thirteenth grader from Dachau (Bavaria) gave an English lecture in the garden when there was snow and freezing temperatures. “I’ve put on ski pants, a sweater, a scarf and a hat. I cut holes in the tips of the gloves so that I could use the tablet. “

Selina voluntarily shivered for 30 minutes: “We have super-slow internet.” And that for years.

The student: “My little sister, like me, has distance lessons.” Under miserable conditions. Video calls are almost impossible, the online lessons are only passive – no picture, no sound.

At the desk, the student’s internet connection is not good enough to follow the lesson

Photo: private

Selina’s father is a web designer, desperate every day. Christian Seebauer (53) about BILD: “There have already been eight technicians with us – but nothing has improved. We have had fiber optic cables in the house for a year, but we cannot get a connection. “

After several media reported about it, Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (46, CSU) intervened. “Mr. Scheuer just called, that’s really strange,” says the 17-year-old. A few minutes later, Telekom answered and promised to fix the problem by January 25th.

By the way: Selina got a 2 for her Zitter talk about George Orwell’s classic “1984” – congratulations!


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