Because of lateral thinker wife! Police operation with FDP Vice Silbersack

Hall – “Our family is doing well again. That’s the most important thing for me,” said FDP politician Andreas Silbersack (54) to BILD in September. Only four months later, family happiness is finally in pieces.

The wife (51) of the deputy state chairman of the Free Democrats in Saxony-Anhalt not only gives passionate speeches against the corona policy and compulsory vaccination.

On Monday, the doctor is said to have rioted in a nursing home in Halle – until the police took her away. There had been a police operation hours earlier. Andreas Silbersack called the officials for help on Sunday evening.

Police operation on Sunday in the politician’s apartment. He called the officers for help


As the politician explained to BILD on Wednesday, he and his wife have been living separately since the beginning of the year. Which didn’t stop them from suddenly showing up in their former shared apartment.

Silbersack confirmed to BILD that he called the police on Sunday.

The officials are said to have asked his wife to leave the apartment. When she failed to do so, she was said to have been taken into police custody. After being discharged the next day, the doctor is said to have stormed into the nursing home on Prof.-Friedrich-Hoffmann-Strasse without a face mask and attacked a patient. Employees called the police.

The emergency services brought the doctor to the psychiatric ward. According to the website “Du bist Halle”, the clinic is said to have later informed the home that the doctor had tested positive for Corona. “I can’t say anything about this incident. I only know that from the media,” explained Silbersack.

He does not want to comment publicly on the state of health of his wife, who is separated from him. Just this much: “It has to do with the pandemic.” In September, the FDP politician told a TV team that his wife, who is considered a lateral thinker, was on social media sites for ten to twelve hours every day and often had trouble sleeping.


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