Because of Corona – Lions stranded in the snow

Neunkirchen – White lion in white snow!

Actually, the Leo brothers Tajo and Amari (2) should have been in China long ago. But because of Corona, the predators in the Neunkirchen Zoo are stranded!

Zoo director Norbert Fritsch (62): “The two white lions came from Magdeburg in late summer 2019 and should actually only make one stopover on the way to China. But first the onward journey was delayed, then it was completely broken. When South America was found as the new destination, Corona came. “

And the animals have to stay in Saarland for the time being. They got part of the brown bear enclosure.

The two brothers are two years old and weigh around 200 kilogramsPhoto: Heribert Brendel

Fritsch: “We don’t know when it will continue. But it’s not a problem for either of them. You like it here very much. They develop well, are enthroned on the rocks and look down from there like in the movie, The Lion King. When they roar in the morning and in the evening, that’s really impressive. “

Unfortunately, there is no chance that they will stay forever. Fritsch: “In the long term, however, we hope that we will get tigers to Neunkirchen.”


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