Because of Corona almost at the end: Hairdresser Lui collects donations – for himself!

Wuppertal – He used to collect donations for children in need – today for himself. After a week-long Corona break, hairdresser Lui Leveré (37) is almost at the end.

“The crisis has already cost me over 25,000 euros plus 18,500 fixed costs for rent and salaries per month,” says the head of the “Cut Club” (eight employees) in Wuppertal. “If my store stays closed for much longer, I’ll have to start from scratch. Like 14 years ago. “

Lui (back, 2nd from right) with his team: “Most of my people have been with me for years.”


So that it doesn’t get that far, he is now collecting on the Internet platform “GoFundMe” money: “The donors receive a voucher for the amount that can be redeemed when we are open again.”

But: Half of the people who have donated a total of almost 2000 euros so far do not want anything in return. Lui: “Many just want to help. Like a customer who transferred 300 euros – so that her favorite hairdresser stays. That moves us very much … “

Isn’t it hard to ask for money? “Nice. It scratches my pride, ”he admits. “But I do this so that I can keep all of the employees. You have been with me for years, we are a team. “


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