Because he asked her to wear a mask: women stab man 27 times

Actually, it was a matter of course what he had asked the two women to do: They should wear a mask and disinfect their hands before entering the shop.

But Jessica Hill (21) and Jayla Hill (18) refused. They started arguing with the employee. Then they beat him, kicked him, and according to police spokeswoman Karie James, Jessica Hill also pulled a knife from her back pocket: she stabbed the man a total of 27 times while her younger sister Jayla Hill held his hair. The man was stabbed in the chest, back and arms.

Jayla Hill held the victim while her older sister stabbed himPhoto: / AP Photo / dpa

She is said to have stabbed the shop employee 27 times with a knife.

She is said to have stabbed the shop employee 27 times with a knife.Photo: / AP Photo / dpa

The incident is said to have occurred in a branch of the clothing chain “Snipes” in Chicago, Illinois, as the “Chicago Sun-Times” reported. The 32-year-old victim was hospitalized in critical condition following the alleged attack late Sunday. He’s doing better now.

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The women were arrested and treated at a nearby hospital for minor injuries.

At the hearing on Tuesday, the sisters’ attorney said the knife attack was purely self-defense. In addition, both women suffered from bipolar disorder.


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