Beautify the season of Tet Covid: One customer covers the salon

HanoiAfraid of contracting Covid-19 in crowded places, many customers accept to pay 2-3 times more to ask salons to stop accepting guests and serve only them.

“I spent 8 million dong for this hair,” said Hoang Thuy, 40 years old, a business owner in Bac Tu Liem district, after finishing the service package including: restoration, curling, dyeing, and polishing in three hours. .

As an entrepreneur, at the end of the year, she often has to attend meetings and meet partners, so Thuy is very worried that she may accidentally become F0, F1, affecting the work progress. However, she also wanted to decorate her beauty for the New Year, so she called Han Lam, 27 years old, the owner of a familiar salon in Thanh Xuan district, to order from home.

When she heard that she would not be able to have all the tools at home, and the smell of chemicals affects her baby, Thuy decided to cover Han Lan’s salon in her beauty time frame. The condition of this businesswoman is that while doing her hair, the salon cannot welcome more guests, her workers must have two vaccines and have negative test results for Covid-19. And yet, the person who works for her must be the salon owner and an assistant worker who takes care of all the steps from washing hair to drying hair, making chemicals. Other workers are not allowed to show up or maintain a distance.

“The closer to Tet, the more customers ask to cover the salon, but we only pamper about 5 patrons in this form. They are business owners, senior officials or young sisters, families with conditions”, Han Lam said.

Han Lam is serving the only customer in her hair salon on January 18. Photo: Character provided.

The baby is only two months old, Hong Hanh, 25 years old, from Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung district also texted her acquaintance to come to the house to cut her hair instead of going to the salon. “I’m not quarantined. I’m just afraid to go to crowded places, easy to catch Covid,” she told the salon owner. Hanh is arranged in the evening time frame, when the guests are absent so that the workers do not lose their orders at the end of the year.

Ms. Vu Xuan Thu, 31 years old, a shop owner in Minh Khai, who came to Hong Hanh’s house to cut her hair, said that this year she often receives requests to serve at home, especially during the quarantine period and year-end holidays. . However, she only accepts cutting because if processing chemicals takes many stages, it is difficult to bring enough equipment.

Before coming to the house, Thu made a video call to record the negative test scene to reassure the homeowner. With such guests, she keeps the same price for haircuts, extra travel fees, and money to buy a Covid-19 test. Normally going to a salon for such a haircut is about 400,000 VND, now it costs twice as much.

Serving the high-end segment, so in the last days of the year, Duc Thuan’s salon in Ha Dong only takes care of regular customers. The shop has two main workers and 7 auxiliary workers each day serving less than 10 customers. At a time, only about three guests are taken care of. When coming to the shop, customers and owners both wear masks, have their temperature checked and disinfected.

“We only serve long-term customers, the number is very small so they can come without fear of the risk of disease,” Duc Thuan, 30 years old, said. The average cost of a beauty treatment at this salon is more than 5 million VND.

Not only customers are afraid of catching the disease, but the shop owners also take care to not be on the F list or have symptoms of cough or fever. In addition to strictly controlling the number of visitors in and out by measuring body temperature and disinfecting requirements, the Academy does a quick test every three days, only staying in the salon, not going out.

“I also want to go back to my hometown to celebrate Tet with my family,” said Tien Hai, Thai Binh.

Quite crowded in a hair salon in Minh Khai, January 15.  Photo: Vu Thao.

Quite crowded in a hair salon in Minh Khai, January 15. Photo: Vu Thao.

Besides the salons that select customers, according to a reporter’s survey VnExpressAt popular women’s hair salons in orange and yellow areas such as Cau Giay, Thanh Xuan, Hai Ba Trung, customers are still crowded, not ensuring the distance.

Timed noon to the salon near her home in Trung Kinh, Cau Giay, but Nguyen Thuy, 27, had to wait until 10 pm to have her hair done. After her, two more people were still working. “Each stage I have to wait 30 minutes, even an hour. Because at the end of the year, it will be crowded. If you want to be beautiful, you must accept it,” she said.

Because she has had three vaccines, Thuy admits that she is not too worried when she has to come in contact with many people. In the hairdresser’s salon, customers do not have to declare health, do not need to measure body temperature or spray bacteria.

Cau Giay is currently an orange zone (high risk, level 3). According to the resolution, Temporary guidance on safe, flexible adaptation and effective control of the Covid-19 epidemic, barber services and beauty salons can operate or limit operations to levels 1 and 2. At level 3, operations must be stopped or restricted at the discretion of the local government.

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