Beautiful women who race cars to act in hot movies are banned from practicing on social networks

Saturday, July 17, 2021 19:06 PM (GMT+7)

(Sports news, behind-the-scenes news) The racing beauty was shocked when she was banned from “doing business” on social media accounts.

From a less famous female racer, Renee Gracie’s name and fortune has been multiplied after she agreed to become an actress, model of the series, “hot” photo.

The 26-year-old beauty has all social media accounts closed

The 26-year-old beauty said she has not earned anything after 7 years of professional racing, but now she earns $ 25,000 (VND 575 million) per week (equivalent to $ 100,000 / month, or about VND 2.3 billion). /month). Gracie set up her own website where she sells pictures and movies for a monthly subscription fee.

Gracie has an attractive face and a fiery body. That advantage helps her earn a lot of money by posting photos on “hot” websites, she is also famous on social networks thanks to her revealing pictures.

However, this has caused the 26-year-old girl to “close” the door to making money on personal pages.

Realizing that the images that Gracie shared on social networks were too revealing, a series of platforms such as Twitter, Tik tok, Instagram … simultaneously blocked the account of the former racing driver.

“I just woke up and I can’t log in. They (Instagram) don’t give any reason, it hurts me. I’m always cautious in every comment or photo posted. .

The work that I am doing is also not illegal. If we were drug dealers or something like that, it would have been fine. I post the same photos as fashion companies upload bikini photos of models only,” said Gracie, because her Instagram was locked.

Being locked out of an Instagram page with 700,000 followers is a big loss for the former Australian racer. Before that, the 26-year-old beauty was also locked on Twitter and Tik tok pages. It seems that social networking platforms are having a bad impression of Gracie, a former racer but now a “hot” movie actor. Although she posted photos or comments completely without breaking the law, her account was still locked.


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