Beautiful volleyball legs match their height at the 2021 National Championship

(Sports news, volleyball news) Let’s take a look at the tallest member of the women’s volleyball teams participating in the national championship 2021 taking place at the Ninh Binh Provincial Gymnasium from December 14 to December 25.

Hmia E Ban and Nguyen Thi Trinh (1m80, Dak Lak)

If the owner Hmia E Ban (born in 1995) has the ability to bounce 2m90 and block 2m80, the assistant Nguyen Thi Trinh (1997) is even more outstanding with the momentum reaching 2m92 and the range reaching 1m85.

Two key players Hmia E Ban (left) and Nguyen Thi Trinh of Dak Lak football team

Hmia E Ban has a strong physical background, good bounce, and has a stop in the air, having worn the U19 Vietnam team shirt to attend the Asian tournament.

Nguyen Thi Trinh’s strong point is the ability to judge to hold well, high speed to make quick hits and together with Vietnam won silver at the 30th SEA Games. These two “long-legged” girls form a duo. very important pillar of the Central Highlands team.

Dinh Thi Thuy (1m77, Kinh Bac Bac Ninh)

Kinh Bac Bac Ninh is the team with the lowest average height at the 2021 National Championship when the tallest athlete is Dinh Thi Thuy (1m77). However, the owner born in 1998 possesses remarkable parameters with a momentum of 2m95 and a range of 2m90.

Beautiful volleyball

Owner Dinh Thi Thuy

In addition, the 23-year-old hot girl has affirmed her name in the Vietnamese volleyball village and is considered the most outstanding owner of national volleyball today with strong smashes like hammers on the net as well as below the 3m line. Surely Dinh Thi Thuy will be the most worthy name of Kinh Bac Bac Ninh in the next tournament.

Luu Thi Hue (1m85, Than Quang Ninh)

Possessing a “terrible” height, the ability to rebound more than 3m and a range of 2m95, the assistant born in 1999 was the most impressive name of the Industry and Trade Bank Club last season. Switching to Than Quang Ninh this season, mining volleyball fans are waiting for Luu Thi Hue’s performance.

Beautiful volleyball

Luu Thi Hue has a very good shield

Hue’s forte is to finish quickly in the 3rd position that makes the opponent unable to keep up, the ability to hold is extremely good with long arm span, skillful forearm, wide reach and very quickly absorb modern style. She is expected to become the “new Ngoc Hoa” of Vietnamese volleyball.

Nguyen Thi Uyen (1m80, Thai Binh)

The impressive performances in recent times of Thai Binh women’s volleyball have a bold impression from the highest opponent of the team, Nguyen Thi Uyen.

Beautiful volleyball

Nguyen Thi Uyen has made great progress in Thai Binh’s shirt

The girl born in 1999 is very comprehensive and her tactical moves are also very reasonable. Uyen emerges as a key scorer for the team and will also be a worthy opponent to watch at the next national tournament.

Bui Thi Nga (1m86, BTL – FLC Info)

Considered as one of the three athletes with the height of the “dinosaur” of the Vietnamese volleyball village, Bui Thi Nga is certainly the name with the best height of the reigning BTL champion – FLC Information. In particular, the rare height of this female servant comes with other perfect indicators such as resilience, barrier beyond 3m or wrist length, etc.

Beautiful volleyball

Assistant Bui Thi Nga

Possessing experience and expertise in the best form in Vietnam today, Bui Thi Nga will be the key for the home team to conquer the goal of defending the championship this year.

Le Thanh Thuy (1m80, Industrial and Commercial Bank)

Only 1m80 high, but Thanh Thuy has an extremely impressive bounce and range, both at approximately 3m. Playing well in both the position of assistant and master, the veteran female athlete born in 1995 is the most important pillar of the Bank of Industry and Trade at this year’s tournament after the team’s strength fluctuated sharply.

Beautiful volleyball

Thanh Thuy is the leader of Industry and Trade Bank

Fans are expecting Thanh Thuy and Nguyen Thu Hoai and the inspiration from coach Pham Kim Hue to help this team overcome difficult times as well as successfully relegation.

Dinh Thi Tra Giang (1m82, Binh Minh Thanh Hoa)

Having the ability to turn on momentum and be 2m90 wide with many years of experience playing at the top of many teams, hot girl Dinh Thi Tra Giang volleyball village is definitely the “ace” of Binh Minh Thanh Hoa in the 2021 National Championship.

Beautiful volleyball

Tra Giang is the “ace” of Thanh Hoa

Tra Giang is distinguished by the ability to read situations, very good grip, as well as a very smart and unpredictable way of moving when launching powerful smashes. She is considered one of the leading assistants of domestic volleyball at the moment.

Ly Thi Luyen (1m90, Duc Giang Chemical – Hanoi)

Not only is the tallest female athlete of Duc Giang Chemical, but the beautiful woman born in 2000 Ly Thi Luyen is also the tallest name in the upcoming national championship.

Beautiful volleyball

“Garden crane” Ly Thi Luyen

With a momentum of up to 3m08 and a barrier of approximately 3m, Luyen is expected to become a “steel wall” in the army of HLB Nguyen Huu Ha, the team that is considered a championship candidate this season.

Nguyen Thi Bich Tuyen (1m86, Ninh Binh Doveco)

The famous owner born in 2000 is called with the nickname “dinosaur” Bich Tuyen is definitely the name that owns the best height of Ninh Binh Doveco. Even after breaking the world record for the number of points scored in a match (61 points), Bich Tuyen is still the most worthy name of the Vietnamese volleyball village today.

Beautiful volleyball

“Dinosaur” Bich Tuyen

Possessing a momentum of 3m07 and a range of 2m75, fans are eagerly waiting for Bich Tuyen’s performance at the next national playground.


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According to Le Phong (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)


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