Beautiful table tennis beauty bored her husband into the hotel with strange boys to talk

Saturday, March 13, 2021 13:21 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, table tennis news) The Japanese table tennis beauty was discovered in the hotel with the stranger, the two explained here to talk.

Some Japanese news sites such as New Post Seven, Asajo or the newspapers of Taiwan (China) have reported that former table tennis player Ai Fukuhara (Japan) entered the hotel with a strange man.

Ai Fukuhara entered the hotel with a stranger

Fukuhara is seen riding in a car (unidentified) and spending the night together at a hotel in Yokohama city, Japan. A relative of Fukuhara said: “He is an elite office worker, working for a leading company in Tokyo, good looks. The two have known each other for 6-7 years.”

Many people who knew Fukuhara would wonder, what is this? Because the Japanese tennis player is having a marriage as a “dream” with Taiwanese (Chinese) male colleague Chiang Hung Chieh. Their wedding was widely reported by the world press in 2016, this couple was considered as “a bronze fairy” of the world table tennis village.

After four years of happy living together, earlier this month it was reported that Fukuhara and Chiang were said to have filed for a divorce and that an image of Fukuhara entered the hotel with a strange man as an affirmation that the couple had run out of love.

When questioned, Fukuhara did not deny that she had requested a divorce, but stressed that it was not the final decision until she and her husband sat down to talk once more.

In the opposite direction, Chiang said that his feelings for his wife have not changed, but admitted to many difficulties because there are big differences in culture and lifestyle between him and his wife.

The beautiful table tennis beauty gets bored with her husband entering the hotel with a stranger to talk to - 3

The couple “bronze fairy female” table tennis is filing for divorce after 5 years living together

About entering the hotel, Fukuhara explained: “It is an important friend of mine, I often see him when the mood is bad. Me and him into the hotel, but rented two separate rooms”.

Ai Fukuhara recruited at 11 years old, 1 year after entering professional. She has had certain achievements in major tournaments such as the Olympic HCB, world medal and ASIAD HCB. Possessing a plump, pretty face, Fukuhara used to be one of the most beautiful players in table tennis in the world.

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