Beating Vietnamese-born MMA female Bi Nguyen challenged world champion Yamaguchi

Sunday, June 13, 2021 10:09 AM (GMT+7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) Having the right to propose an opponent for her, Vietnamese-born female boxer Bi Nguyen shocked when she announced that she wanted to challenge world champion Mei Yamaguchi.

Bi Nguyen’s resounding victory over Ritu Phogat:

Due to a number of objective reasons, Bi Nguyen was unable to participate in the Atomweight Grand Prix martial arts event series after a resounding victory over veteran Indian rival Ritu Phogat in mid-May.

Bi Nguyen shocked when he challenged Mei Yamaguchi

However, the consolation for Bi Nguyen when with this victory, she has the right to suggest her next opponent. Without taking too much time to think, the Vietnamese-born “female” quickly shocked when she confirmed that the name she wanted to clash next was Mei Yamaguchi.

“Honestly, I have been following and loving Yamaguchi’s style for a long time, if not I am still a huge fan of hers. Sure, when facing a top boxer in the world like her, I’ll be the bottom but no problem. I’ve been trying to challenge her for a long time and now there are many possible conditions for her and my fight to take place, especially since neither Yamaguchi nor I participate in the Atomweight Grand Prix.” Nguyen shared.

Mei Yamaguchi is the most famous martial artist in Japan as well as in the world. Starting to compete in professional MMA in 2017, she went through 34 fights and won 21 victories. Yamaguchi won the DEEP Jewels Featherweight World Championship.

Particularly at ONE Championship, she has competed for the championship twice, but both lost to Angela Lee. Currently, when Angela Lee, the Atomweight champion, has taken a break from competing, Mei Yamaguchi is considered the strongest fighter in this weight class.

Mei Yamaguchi won the DEEP Jewels Featherweight World Championship

Although he is 38 years old, the Japanese boxer still possesses a strong physical foundation, a comprehensive fighting style whether standing or fighting. What helped Yamaguchi have 19 victories by scoring after playing all 3 innings. If competing against Mei Yamaguchi, this will certainly be an attractive and difficult match for Bi Nguyen.

“Currently I still train regularly to stay in top shape. I have many different exercises to improve my movement speed and endurance. If I fight Yamaguchi, I think I will be very comfortable. Because everyone knows her well, I am a mystery, with a fierce fighting spirit”, shared Bi Nguyen.

After winning Ritu Phogat, Bi Nguyen attracted attention and received countless challenges from other boxers in the same weight class. Not afraid, the female boxer born in 1989 said she is ready to fight any opponent that ONE arranges.

Itsuki Hirata is also an opponent that Bi Nguyen is likely to encounter

It is known that besides Yamaguchi, another opponent that Bi Nguyen has a high chance of encountering will be Itsuki Hirata, a 21-year-old Japanese female boxer who is making a very strong impression with a 4-match winning streak. Previously, ONE Championship paired Bi Nguyen and Itsuki Hirata, but this match had to be canceled after the female boxer nicknamed “Killer Bee” suffered an elbow injury.



(Sports news, martial arts news) Being greatly underrated compared to the opponent, Bi Nguyen made a big shock when he…


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