Beast of Amstetten – Josef Fritzl is in “normal” prison

Amstetten (Austria) – He locked his daughter in a musty basement for 24 years, raped her and fathered seven children with her. Everything was exposed in 2008, the cruel incest shook Austria.

For his actions, Josef Fritzl (87) was sentenced to life imprisonment and housed in an institution for mentally abnormal criminals.

The basement dungeon in which Fritzl locked his daughter and her children was hidden behind several doors. Today it is filled with concrete (stock image)Photo: Joerg Voelkerling

Release from there is only possible if an expert report confirms that the prisoner’s sanity has improved significantly, i.e. he is no longer dangerous. This is the case in Fritzl’s case.

A resolution had already been received in September to transfer the sex offender to normal prison. At that time, the transfer failed because the report presented did not appear to be comprehensive enough.

An extended report recently confirmed that the 87-year-old should no longer pose a risk. So he could serve his sentence in a normal prison – but the decision is not yet final. The public prosecutor’s office lodged a complaint and the file was submitted to the Vienna Higher Regional Court. Fritz can be relocated at the earliest as soon as the decision is final.

Application for release from prison would be possible soon

Unbelievable: If Fritzl, who had his name changed and is said to be suffering from dementia, is actually transferred to normal prison, he could apply for early release as early as 2023. This is possible for criminals who have been sentenced to life imprisonment in Austria after 15 years. Fritz is currently still in the institution for mentally abnormal criminals.

Fritzl’s innocent daughter was imprisoned for 24 years – nine years longer than her tormentor.

Beast of Amstetten: Josef Fritzl is in
Photo: Malte Krudewig, picture-alliance / dpa, Stefano Laura, Stefano Laura


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