Bearer of hope Rehder: That’s why Jena isn’t getting a new one

With Marius Grösch (26) and Dennis Slamar (26), the FCC currently only has two center-backs suitable for the league. Actually too little to survive a season. But there won’t be a new defender for now!

Sports director Tobias Werner (35) on BILD: “We have agreed internally that we will not do anything until the winter break. We also have a good boy from our own offspring in Felix Rehder, whom we want to give a chance. ”

U19 central defender Rehder (18) has been training with the professionals since Felix Müller (23) was loaned to Meuselwitz. He came to Jena last summer from the U17 of the second division St. Pauli and comes from the offspring of Holstein Kiel.

Werner: “We don’t always need to talk about permeability and then we put a player in front of him. Felix does it very well in training and will have the opportunity to show himself. ”

Nevertheless, it remains a risk, they also know that in Jena – even if nobody openly wants to admit it.

One thing is clear: If the regional league starts again on November 25th, as most clubs want, Dennis Slamar will be missing with the 5th yellow. Means: Then Rehder would get his chance!

But Werner also says: “We will analyze all parts of the team during the winter break and then see how each player has developed. Then we decide how and whether we will be active in the transfer market. “


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