Bavaria’s MEPs are demanding more money for the border region

Brussels – MEPs are calling for one billion euros for the border region with the Czech Republic to cushion the consequences of the corona pandemic.

“These regions are particularly affected by the border closings during the Corona crisis and the social impact. You deserve special support, ”said a letter to Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU).

The border location and the high number of infections should not lead to permanent disadvantage, according to the MPs. The border region must be taken into account when distributing the corona funds. In total, Germany will receive 22.7 billion euros in funding from the European Union (EU) over the next two years.

“The EU could not invest anywhere more sensibly than in the border areas, this is where Europe takes place every day,” it continues. The letter was signed by MEPs Manfred Weber for Lower Bavaria, Monika Hohlmeier for Upper Franconia, Christian Doleschal for the Upper Palatinate (all CSU) and Peter Jahr (CDU) for Saxony.


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